It is interesting that the "Virgin of the Globe" has been brought forward today, as she in fact represents the three Marian Roles now awaiting solemn definition as Dogma by the Holy Father! It is the inclusion of the uplifted globe which completes the three. COREDEMPTRIX

Mary's participipation in Jesus' sacrifice is seen on the back side of the medal. The M representing Mary is at the foot of His Cross, and the Two Hearts are together, both wounded. MEDIATRIX

Mary mediates all graces, for we see that they may come from her hands as they fall upon the earth. ADVOCATE

The uplifted globe, and Mary's attitude of prayer eloquently portray her great intercession for the human race in general and for every soul in particular.

We believe the time has come for the faithful to call on Our Lady with confidence to rain down the fruit of these three sacred roles on the people of God; the time has come to petition the Holy Father to honor our Blessed Mother by formally defining these roles as Dogma.

Wearing the medal has, we believe a threefold effect:

We invoke our Mother's gift of the graces of her three sacred roles. How our poor world needs them today! And, each person in particular needs the benefits of her participation in his or her daily life.

We wear the medal as a prayer that the solem definition may take place soon.

Finally, we wear the medal as an act of faith in her great protection. We wear it fully expecting graces will follow.

St. Catherine Laboure is an incorrupt as seen here,
in actual Chapel of Rue de Bac in Paris, France where the faithful come to see her.

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