Sacred Catholic Relics of the Saints
IHOMM is currently offering Reliquaries which are designed to expose first class relics for public or private veneration in chapels or prayer groups. Please take a look below to see the options that are available through us for your relics:

Please refer to the letters for ordering purposes. Prices may be obtained by calling us at (503) 695-2468, faxing us at (503) 695-6408 or emailing us at

IHOMM also sells the best book on relics that we have ever found by author Joan Carroll Cruz, showing the historical facts and history of the relics. It sells for $18.00 plus shipping and is well worth it in proving historical evidence to doubting Thomases.

We are fellow citizens with Saints in the household of God, let us therefore pray and work together towards the glory of Gods Kingdom and the reign of the two hearts. Amen and God Bless You.

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